Small Steps of Success

Humanity speaks no language, serves no religion…,
Abdul Sattar Edhi in the pedigree of people, who not only abandoned their comfort for the service of humanity but also had a keen passion for the betterment of society.

Abdul sattar Edhi in his office

Edhi, throughout his life, served people and guided them to never stop serving them until your last breath. he was a curious soul and always ready to help people especially needy, poor and underprivileged.
In his one interview to a news channel, he said ‘’ Human are every where but humanity seems least’’.Edhi’s whole life-story is full of sub-stories where he became pessimist to see the social condition, how people were deprived of basic needs and on the other hand always inspired by the thoughts or ideas of helping them.
In his early childhood life, there are several incidents and examples that depict his continuum passion for the well-being of people and service of humanity. Although his friends called him Roti which has very symbolic meaning not for he always had shaven head to save money because he possessed a charitable heart and passion for helping others.In the age of eleven, when a child indulges in playing games unable to discover his true purpose of life, he started to explore his undaunted purpose how to serve others by doing small acts of deeds and he never stopped thinking about it even his friends made his fun and chided him .In his self-exploration, he found, no labour is an ashamed, no work is a small act. he followed the principles of progress, that consistency in work, reminding himself your aim and willingness always leads you to your goal. Somehow he knew greatness and goodness are results of small acts. this was the biggest reason he had the small plan to produce great works. In his early childhood, he sold pencils and match boxes in the streets, worked in an apothecary shop, worked at cloth merchant shop to earn money, which he spent half on poor and needy people and a half he saved. Edhi devoted his whole life to serve humanity, and well-being in mankind, because he possessed a passionate heart to come forth for help other.

During my graduation, I had to travel 10 km from my home to Academy, the reason was there were no Academies for higher classes in my surrounding, and they were expensive too, a poor person couldn’t pay their fee. Ultimately I succeeded in completing my graduation with double math and statistics.
At this time I thought, there should be an academy in colony where students come and meet their need, I faced many problems, like no resourceful person, no building, no proper furniture, or basic accommodation for students, I faced a fear how things would manage,

Edhi’s sb Biography helped me a lot to fulfill my work. I set three tasks for it. There are as follow.
1. Search a place.
2. Buying desks and black board.
3. Starting teaching them even one student come to me.

My first task, was a difficult process for me to search a place with reasonable rent, I visited my building and schools but their demands were high, I consulted with my cousin and friends about it and one of my cousin offered me three rooms cutting the full cost. It was an old private school building. I cleaned it myself and made it tidy.
Secondly, it was very challenging task for me because I am not a good purchaser and I had not sufficient money to buy desks for seating. I had only 1500 hundred that I saved. After seeking advice, one of my friend Zain,I went to Scrap collector (Kabadia) shop and found many broken desks and chairs, where I choose few desk and a chair, which cost me only 13 hundred. After while buying them, they were brought to academy, I mend them myself because I could not afford a carpenter. Third and final task was most challenging I found, because results was beyond my expectation,

students learning their lesson

because first day at my own academy I had only 3 students of different classes, which was a small start, and moment of joy for me at least I have something that I really wanted to do. Second day was like the same as day first, right after 2 days the number of students increased, most of them from primary classes, and I have no experience to teach the primary class.

primary students doing their homework.

I always have firm determination that helped me to do my best, I made a plan, students divided in class groups and it became easy to manage them.
It has been very challenging for to face the fear, difficulties, bad situations that always become hurdles in my works.

A student of primary class practicing maths.

I never thought like Edhi Sb ’’small plans create a big size works’’ that is the key principle of progress, never stop, consistently keep doing working on small plans, never overwhelmed by pessimism, although make it your strengths not your weaknesses,

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