They Think, You care

It has been challenging for one to know what others think, what they want to say when they are questioned about their personals. But obviously, it shows how much you concern what they said. I experienced it when I seated with my friends and some relatives.

Recent days, few of my relatives visited us from Hydrabad, Singh. It is among the most populous city of Singh. We never talked with them since they visited last, we met after very long time and this is was the only reason they reluctant to speak with us. After gathering some courage, I talked to them and it was like we are into one-to-one session. I asked little and let them speak more, they shared their routines chores, work planning, what they actually willing to do next after their studies. they had a great deal of ideas to share. I was looking at them with much curiosity as I am the only who care it. And they seemed happy to converse with me, I am listening without interrupting, with keen interest.

These things only happen with we provide a healthy chance to others,

I love to share a very interesting story of one of my friend, His Name is Zubair, and we haven’t a good communication, he is very argumentative. I visited him this Saturday to use internet, while sitting him, i decided “ I will not interrupt him during conversation and let him speak”. the result was beyond my thoughts. he shared his plans, problem solving techniques, how to manage pressure of work, and most important what he think about me.

I learned from my these experiences when you give liberty to someone and listen them with keen interest, it certainly shows you are interested in them. The same situation happens when you are being interviewed in a company you are given many chances to show what are, what you capable of, and what are you strengths.

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