First Co-op Experience — TribalScale

My first co-op experience at TribalScale was nothing short of amazing. Going into my first co-op term, I didn’t know what to expect. This was my introduction to the tech industry and I was extremely excited to be in a position where I was gaining valuable work experience and meeting new people. It was clear from the beginning that there was an eminent culture that resonates through out the company that allows you to feel like an important part of a movement, or “tribe”. Everyone at the company made sure that the co-ops felt comfortable, and this brought out the best in everyone. This made work enjoyable, and I was happy to be a part of a team where everyone was locked in on being productive and achieving excellence.

I learned a lot in 4 months. Being a part of an agile environment where you are working with client stake-holders, product managers, and other developers to ensure that the product is released into the market soundly, requires you to learn quick and be productive at all times. My team worked closely with companies like the NBA, ABC News, Athos, and CIBC on a plethora of different projects, both mobile and web based.

It was a great feeling knowing that thousands of people were using a product that my team spent large portions of time testing and making. That feeling alone helped me realize that creating products that have significant impacts on society, is a passion that I look forward to pursuing both professionally and in my spare time. I can honestly say that this co-op experience has helped me significantly in all aspects of my personal development. I was exposed to so many different technologies and gained invaluable experience that will help me down the line. I look forward to any future co-op opportunities and I thank TribalScale for being a great organization that makes it a priority to develop its interns.

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