Why Clarity For Your Life Comes With Action

  1. Start with prayer. If you feel like you are being led in a certain direction, pray first and pray hard.
  2. Seek godly counsel. Ask those around you who you know are filled with the Spirit to pray for you and to help discern what to do.
  3. Make a plan. Do your research. Google everything you can and then some. Be as prepared as possible.
  4. Take a step of faith. This will look different for everyone in different situations. Sometimes this will mean initiating a conversation, looking for apartments like I did or simply changing your daily routine.
  5. Trust God with the provision. God will not call you to something that He will not provide for. But you have to move first. That is showing God that you trust Him.



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Jocelyn Anne

Jocelyn Anne

Writer. 2020 Olympic Hopeful. Bookworm. Entrepreneur. Life is too short, make every day count.