You’re not a liberal—you’re an extremist wearing trendy causes
Exquisite Corpse

I really appreciate the time and energy you put into writing this post, Timi. I’ve been finding myself increasingly more uncomfortable with my liberal peers (and liberal-slanted news) for many of the reasons you listed. It’s to the point where if you don’t strongly agree with the extremisms of the left, you are simply a naive, Trump supporter (and automatic advocate of nazism, racism, fascism, and other isms). There is no grey—no reasoning.

Personally, as a result, I just keep my mouth closed and nod as to not get attacked…which seems so strange for a party that typically represents openness, empathy, and acceptance. This is doubly strange as the people who would be attacking are friends, colleagues, and people you admire.

But, like you mentioned, the values an individual fights hardest to protect can compromise intellectual openness. I’m trying (and will continue to try) my absolute best to see it from their POV and reason why such extremisms are necessary.