Why do I have to know where I came from? I’m not there, I’m here.

Why do I have to know my purpose in life before understanding these complex processes we call “choices”? I’m not sure if I understood the meaning of my childhood.

Why do I have to learn the same thing as everyone else? I might decide to do things differently.

Why did not anyone believe I can change the world? They were the ones who said “be the difference”.

Why do I have to follow old steps and examples? I’m not happy with the reality.

Why do I have to consider me as a seed for the future? There is no way to believe that time will cultivate me.

Why is it necessary to have millions of friends I do not know and collect tons of “likes” and little red hearts? That doesn’t. tell me who or what I am.

Why should I believe that hope lives on the horizon? The horizon moves away from me as fast as I walk toward it.

Why every day someone tries to convince me, by word or action, that it is my duty to be something more or different than I am?

Life is not a competition, it is not a joke or a game and it is not a war.

I don’t. have to spend my days trying to convince or deceive others. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone!

I keep asking “what?” because I don’t understand this insistence on wanting me to be just another one.

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