Why Facebook’s acquisition of QuickFire Network won’t dethrone Youtube

Facebook’s latest acquisition is QuickFire Networks which specializes in providing bandwidth friendly content over internet without compromising on quality. This acquisition has led many to believe that Facebook is going after Youtube’s Video crown.

Facebook has seen a massive growth in video sharing in the last year. This is one of the few areas in which facebook is witnessing an impressive growth. For this reason the acquisition of QuickFire really makes sense in improving the user experience especially if facebook is looking at third world countries for increasing its user base.

However, let’s be realistic. Facebook is no Google. Their is a fundamental difference in the DNA of both products. Google’s DNA is entirely Search whileFacebook’s DNA is its social graph. The audience goes to both the channels for entirely different reasons and with this acquisition that is not changing. Facebook video’s are all about what our friends and our connections are watching, sharing and liking. But try searching for a video you viewed last month and you are likely to spend hours before you get to it. A lot of times the videos that our connections are sharing are against everything I as an individual stand for. More than once, I have kicked people out of my friend’s list because of the kind of videos and pictures that they share. Youtube is a different world altogether. I go there when I want to watch something that I want. It could be an old drama, a song that I just recalled, a tutorial, a quick fix for a technical solution. Pretty soon, I am watching one video after another because Youtube just knows what else I should be watching.

Facebook has failed miserably in the past when it tried to be our mailbox and it will again if it tries to be our youtube. The reason in both cases is the same. Without a world class search engine that allows us to search for what we want to see, a social graph is not enough to dominate the video market.

Facebook allows us to have a shared identity in which our choices are derived from the choices of people we choose to connect with while Youtube allows us to be individuals- to stand out and make our own choices

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