Why I Hate the American Government: A Comprehensive Deep-Dive into Why I Hate Politicians

my thoughts exactly, sire

There are a lot of things in this world that I absolutely despise. But I think at the top of that list, ranking no less than number four respectively, is the American government.

“Why, Jazmine? Why do you hate the government so much?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here are some unbiased and objective reasons to chew on. And to make sure I am perfectly clear, I hate all politicians and all political parties. No one is safe. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, weird sub-categories of politicians, all of them. Fuck them all.

Reason #1: Because I Fucking Can

One of my favorite reasons for doing something is simply because I can. What are people going to do about it? Change my opinion? Cry about it? Cancel me on Twitter? I don’t care. I hate the government because I can hate the government and because I want to hate the government.

Reason #2: Because They’re a Bunch of Posers

I don’t think people can truly grasp how sick and tired I am of hearing, “We care about people. Our policy is people. American citizens need politicians who care. We stick up for the underdogs. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Honestly, how stupid do they truly think we are? Are we that stupid? I know I’m not. It’s genuinely insulting and borderline condescending. We all know that these politicians could not care less about the people they are supposed to be representing. Not a single politician has our best interests at heart. Not one of them. You cannot change my mind and I will not be taking criticism on this. Fight me, Barbara.

Reason #3: They are Unequivocally Horrendous at Doing the Jobs They’re Paid to Do

Imagine this: they spend thousands and thousands, upwards of millions of dollars, on a campaign and ads and everything else these clowns do to get elected. They even go as far as to lie about all the things they’re going to do for the people. All this just to be elected and sworn into office where they then proceed to categorically suck at their jobs.

How are they not embarrassed? How do they wake up in the morning and walk out of the house knowing that they are horrible at the one thing they are supposed to do? These politicians spend more time fighting each other, debating semantics, upholding their precious public image, and pretending they’re the heroes nobody asked for, instead of doing their fucking jobs and actually making this country better for the people who have to live here. They sit in their glass castles and watch as the country burns to the ground around them whilst doing the bare minimum and expecting applause and a raise. It’s laughable and moronic, but unfortunately, it’s the reality.

Reason #4: They’re all a Bunch of Fucking Babies

I have never heard more grown-ass adults complain and whine more than politicians. If I could say anything to congress, senate, or any branch of government currently in session today, I would tell them all to sincerely shut the fuck up. Imagine talking so much but not actually saying anything at all. They all spend so much time trying to look and sound smart, that they forget to actually be smart. Politicians are idiots wrapped in their trademark “I’m educated and intelligent” tailored suits.

Reason #5: They Cause More Problems Than They Could Ever Hope to Solve

Inflation? That’s the government’s fault. Food insecurity? The government. Homelessness? The government. Violent crime? The government. 9/11? The government. Every war waged in the Middle East? The government. The collapse of other countries and their governments across South America, Africa, and (surprise, surprise!) the Middle East? Again, the government. They cause all these problems on a domestic and international scale and then blame literally everyone else but the actual culprits, themselves. It’s pathetic and a gross act of cowardice. They literally commit war crimes and crimes against humanity and then act like they did nothing wrong or say it was for the good of the people. It’s getting old. It’s been old.

Reason #6: They Never Listen to What We, the People, Actually Say

Politicians spend so much time talking and running their mouths, that they never take more than two seconds to shut up and listen to what the people are saying. Honestly, I think it has become so problematic, that if they did shut their mouths for an extended period of time, they might just spontaneously combust. And when they do “hear” us, they don’t truly listen. Everything we say goes in one ear and out the other. I’ve seen a lot of things in this world, but one thing I have yet to see, that I am dying to see, is a politician shutting up for more than ten seconds at a time. That would be a goddamn miracle. They spend more time on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC, arguing with news anchors who regurgitate the same over-used, washed-up, opinions that have been circulating since 2012, than they do in their offices coming up with solutions to the crises we’re facing nationwide. And most of the time they’re just making excuses for the stupidity of their actions.

Moral of the story, I hate politicians, I hate the government, and I hate everything they stand for. Every, single one. I personally believe we should fire everyone in office and completely start over. There’s too much corruption and selfishness ingrained into the fibers of our political system to fix it in any way that matters with the people currently in power. If this article pissed you off, good. It’s about damn time someone else got angry.




i write for freedom

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Jazmine Jackson

Jazmine Jackson

i write for freedom

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