Custom Medium Social Icons

I wanted to spice up my stories, I’ll do it for you too.

This is a quick simple post.

I recently made some painted icons to use at the bottom of my medium stories for a bit of color, style and uniqueness from all of the other blogs.

I can do the same for you! I’ve set up a gig on Fiverr to do just that. Everyone deserves some snazzyness.

See the gig here.

Note: You might think it’s annoying to place all of the images in every single one of your stories, but I’ve found I can just copy and paste all of them from a story and the links will copy with them! Super easy.

Examples, hand painted by moi.

JLRose is a fantasy writer, game designer and 3D artist living in Melbourne, Australia. She’s spent the past three years working on the first book of The Galean Universe and is currently querying to agents. 
She’s also started to dabble in blogs, comics, and erotica oh my!