The Chase [excerpt]

The Lockwood Series, #1

A crack of thunder sounded overhead and the clouds above chose that moment to release the full force of their reserved water in buckets. We were both fully drenched in a matter of seconds, but he didn’t let go. He grabbed the fabric and yanked it up again.

“Hands back on the wall.”

“Giving orders now are we?”

“Hands back on the wall,” he said, sliding one hand down the front of my body and between my legs. He pushed his fingers against me through the fabric of my panties. “Or you can wait another three months,” he growled the words in my ear.

I pushed my hips back against him but did as he said, because it wasn’t just the rain that had made that tiny bit of fabric wet down there. He pressed his leg between mine so it was snuggled firmly against my ass. It made me want to spread my legs farther, but with the precarious position, my movements were limited.

He ran his fingers across the skin of my stomach and up beneath my shirt to trace along the curve of my breasts while he kneaded firmly between my legs, cupping me, applying pressure exactly how he knew I liked it. Exactly how it made me crazy.

All I wanted right then was to turn around and wrap my legs around him. To rip those soaking wet clothes off of him and take him. A dark alley in a storm was nowhere near the most obscure place I’d had him, and even had it been broad daylight I wouldn’t have hesitated to crawl on top of him then and there.

I didn’t turn around though, and I had to dig my nails against the rough texture of the wall to force myself to keep my hands there because he’d caught me, not the other way around, and winner takes loser. Those were the rules. There were no rules against being an asshole to win either, it only meant when I caught him next, he’d pay for it.

His fingers trembled as they grazed over my breasts and he buried his face against my neck and inhaled, holding me tightly against him. I realized that I hadn’t been the only one getting frustrated by the absence of the other. Our time apart had been just as unforgiving for him as it had been for me.

I ground myself down against his leg and turned my head into his to try and capture his mouth, but he stayed just out of reach.

It was frustrating.

It was agonizing.

“What took you so fucking long?” I asked him.

He slid his fingers beneath the fabric of my panties and a fine tremor ran up my legs and my body was clenched to an almost painful degree.

“Because someone decided to go play with the geeks instead of the swingers,” he breathed. “An internet café? Really? I spent a good two weeks thinking you’d lost your mind and started searching the dating forums for a new kitty.”

He slid one finger deep inside me and moved it side to side instead of in and out over, rolling over that one sweet spot. He didn’t even have to search for it. The bastard knew every sweet little nook, cranny, and crevice on my body. He could take me to the edge blindfolded.

A warm tingling began to spread through my arms and legs, sizzling through me as my lower body clenched tighter and tighter as he continued to wind me up.

My voice was barely a gasp because I couldn’t make it work right. “All those dating sites — and you’re here instead?”

He slid a second finger deep and my knees nearly buckled. His leg kept me upright, and he tightened his grip on my sensitive parts in just the right way to stop me from falling over the edge. He was going to draw it out.

“None of them wanted to meet me in an alleyway,” he said, and rubbed his fingers over that spot again, bringing me back up to the edge. His other hand disappeared from beneath my shirt and I felt him pulling at his belt. Finally. I pushed my hips back against him and he pressed his hand into the small of my back, bending me down and moving his leg away so my angle matched his height. He kept his fingers sliding over the front of me, keeping me on the edge but not letting me spill over it. I wanted to scream, but holding it would make that final release so much more intense.

I felt him then, pressed against me from behind, bare and hot and harder than chiseled marble. He slid himself against me, teasing at my entrance. I would have impaled myself, I needed to, but I was stuck now all bent forward and stretched with my hands still to the wall.

2018 © Jaxon Lee Rose

Excerpted from The Chase published by Jaxon Lee Rose on July 20, 2018.

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JLRose is an American fantasy writer, 3D artist and game designer living in Melbourne, Australia. She’s spent the past three years working on the first full length book of The Galean Universe and is currently querying it to agents.