One of the most dedicated to JaxRevealed’s vision and one of my closest friends, Chris De La Cruz is a light in a dark world. Spend 10 minutes with this dude and you’ll see why. His photography gets better each day with an urban style and a touch of edginess. Chris puts out work that he loves. He doesn’t base his work off what others think he should be putting out. He’s straight forward and true to himself which is what makes him stand out. I took the time to ask Chris 15 questions so you guys can get to know him more…

1. Where’s your hometown? What side of town do you represent currently?

  • “I grew up in Jacksonville and I stay on the Southside of town.”

2. What do you do for a living?

  • “I cut hair for a living.”

3. What’s your favorite tv show?

  • “The Walking Dead”

4. What could Jacksonville do to improve?

  • “Serve others in my community.”

5. How and when did photography become a part of who you are?

  • Back in March, 8 guys and myself ( I only knew 3) went on a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Elijay, GA. I was the only “non-photographer” on the trip. But after hanging out with these awesome guys, it drove and inspired me to start taking photos from a creative perspective. It also helps me remember moments more vividly.”

6. What’s your main motivation for creativity?

  • “My friends.”

7. What has photography done for you specifically in your life?

  • “It’s helped me enjoy moments with my friends and family more. As well as taking advantage of my surroundings.”

8. Where would we more than likely find you when you’re not behind a camera or at your job?

  • “With my beautiful girlfriend Kara (@k_brooke_r).”

9. What does community mean to you?

  • “It means taking the time to get to know and enjoy others around you.”

10. Where do you see yourself with photography in the future?

  • “Hopefully still enjoying it as a hobby with my friends and family.”

11. Would you pass down your creativity to your kids? How?

  • “Yes. By being a good role model for them.”

12. What’s your favorite local location to shoot?

  • “It’s between Tilly K. Fowler park and Downtown Jax.”

13. Do you incorporate photography into your daily life? How?

  • “Yes. By taking pics of my clients after I cut and style their hair haha.”

14. Do you think social media has helped or degraded the photography game?

  • “Definitely helped! I see other people’s work and get inspired to be more creative.”

15. Who’s your favorite local instagrammer?

  • “There’s so many good ones in Jax, but I’d say its between Mark Foster (@marcfoster1) and Ryan Buckner (@rybuck).”

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