I’m expressing my frustrations over being fan of a Eastern Conference franchise that is not managed…
Diego Godinho Rocha

Maybe you should write what the hidden superpowers of Ish and Drummond are. I actually like Ish — seems the Pistons play better with him at the point than with Reggie Jackson. He’s quick and knows how to get to the cup and then make the right passes most of the time, but he’s not consistent enough……a lot like Smart’s offense. Is he elite at anything in particular? This is just a honest curious question, because Smart, for all his flaws, is elite in defense and hustle.

As for Drummond, I don’t mean to hate on him but I don’t think he’s a franchise player unless he improves his free throw shooting. I doubt you would consider his bricks a superpower either, and that’s really holding him back in my opinion. He is certainly an elite rim runner and rebounder and he’ll continue to get better defensively, but I certainly hope his ceiling is not DeAndre Jordan.

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