From womb to the tomb and beyond !

On the left is the image of baby Jesus., for, without that there would be no virgin birth of Jesus. Without that, there would have been no sinless life that lead to his crucifixion. And without the cross, we won’t have this image of the fallen Jesus on the right., and eventually the beauty of resurrection, at the heart of it all.

This work is inspired by the popular piety on Easter Sunday – the holding of the Encuentro. It is usually held to commemorate the meeting between Mary and her risen Son.

An image of Mary veiled in black symbolizing her sorrow is accompanied by one procession of women while the news of the Risen Christ is accompanied by men.

The meeting point of these two portrays the joy that dispels the sorrow of Mary as she meets her risen son

Easter, when the sorrow of Mary turned into rejoicing and joy.

Happy Easter Folks !

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