The science of vibrations & frequencies and its impact is something that has been around for thousands of years.

Perceived reality is nothing more than a construct of vibrations (or sounds). Everything in the universe, whether it be a physical thing, you or me, a thought, an emotion, power or energy, an action – all things have a certain vibration.

To prove this, Nicola Tesla, a Croatian born inventor, had performed experiments that revealed that air, at its ordinary pressure, is a conductor for large amounts of energy over great distances without wires. Tesla also proved wireless transmission of electrical energy back in the 1900. He sent signals of a very low hertz frequency by creating a conducting path between the ionosphere and the earth. – these experiments paved the way for an interpretation that the whole universe is a vibrational generator.

In Sanatana Dharma – Ishvara is said to be the divine source from whom this whole universe has come into existence, it is sustained in Ishvara and then merges back in Ishvara. One of the “avatars” of Ishvara is believed to be that of Rāma.

The name “Rāma” is supposed to be extremely potent that in the science of vibrations the vibration of Rā Ma can if practiced correctly, bring individual consciousness to heightened levels of perception.

Every sound is a bija (or seed) that invokes a quality of the divine.

The name of Rāma has two syllables, but three bija aksharas : ‘Ra’, ‘A’, and ‘Ma’.

Ra’ represents the Sun,

A’represents Agni or fire, and

Ma’ represents the Moon(ChandraMa).

The three closest sources of light on earth come from the Sun, Moon, and Fire.

Ra’ is found in various languages representing the Sun. For instance, Ravi is one of the Sanskrit names for the Sun. Raghu is the solar dynasty or lineage that Rama belonged to, that traces its origins to the Sun. The ancient Egyptian God Ra was their Sun god & also a major deity in the ancient Egyptian religion.

The name of Rāma is a method for invoking light, the supreme light of the divine. The Divine is more often described as light. Those familiar with the Bible would have heard the passage: “God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

The chant of “राम नाम सत्य है |” is a common utterance during a funeral procession to make us realize that one who has come to this world has to depart. Everything is an illusion here and that “light” is the only reality.

From the galaxies, planets & stardust that make up the universe to our most inner thoughts and feelings – all of this is supported by a sacred energy…

सर्वे रमन्ति इति रामः|