Think about it – boundaries effectively prevent power structures from collapse to ensure that freedom is kept in a cage!

Since the origin of humankind conflicts have more often been based on beliefs arising from our misguided perceptions. Wars have been fought over ‘territorial boundaries’ . Over boundaries that are imaginary, that only exist in the mind. Imaginary because this planet is a whole and it is not up to human beings to divide it into segments.

To us human beings, the right of owning ‘assets’ – a piece of land, a building, a house – automatically causes in us a feeling of ownership towards that property as if it is a personal or inherited right.

Seldom we realise that we have only ‘leased’ that piece of space from our planet for the relatively short time we are here on Earth. The ‘property’ we flaunt as our own belonged to Earth for millions of years and a mere legal document does not establish any true ownership of a part of it. Therefore, conflicts arise not from our using the land but from the faulty interpretation of ownership that we nurture.

A similar faulty notion is our thinking about being able to provide for ourselves, not realising that ‘independently’ we cannot grow even a single blade of grass without the energy from the sun or without. nature free supply of air, water, nutrients and warmth.

No life form can exist in isolation because everything, including human life, is intimately interwoven with every part of the universe that surrounds us.

The delusion, that we and the world are separate entities, causes us to acquire things, more than what we actually need them – an amassment leading up to a shaky illusion of security.

And often nature is forced to send out a little reminder, a wake up call – in the form of a calamity – a tsunami, a flood or an earthquake destroying what was thought as owned. Only then does an understanding dawn that no one can ever really own anything at all.

Real sense of ownership from experiencing ‘Oneness’ with the living Earth, its continual abundance giving its inhabitants a liberation from fear and with that freedom from boundaries – of unity and awareness.

Traces of wisdom left behind from our past may help rediscover the very essence of freedom – an art of being in tune with nature rather than against it.

(And here is a 1 minute video with an audio adaptation of Michael Jackson’s song titled – Heal the World)