As a well-traveled urban youth, we all have romanticized about markets and other bustling localès across the globe. From the mesmerizing Financial Districts of LDN and NY to the charming Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi or La Boqueria in Barcelona. We relish these streets, these narrow alleyways, and stuff our Instagram feeds with pictures of them.

But little do most of us know about a not so fancy, not so photogenic economic engine right in our backyard.

At some point in life, we all have come across the message to “Be Positive”. Quotes, captions, speeches, books and entire course loads have been devoted to it. And to a large extent, it is wise to remain NET positive in the way we deal with life, to look at a glass half full. Slogans like “Just Do It” and “Impossible Is Nothing” are all manifestations of a positive and risk-friendly state of mind. Every successful entrepreneur’s story has its own fair share of examples of a positive attitude, where they were pitched against the odds, they dreamt big and…


We are living in the Age of Choice, for the lack of a better term. We’re also consuming, per capita, more than any generation before us. As a large chunk of population climbs the socio-economic ladder, rising disposable incomes are fuelling demand for products that bring happiness, or at least the perception of it. Some of these products have existed in the market for a long time, and are aspirational purchases necessitated by society (Car, Appliances, etc.). …

Last summer, when my parents came to the US for my graduation, they were comically excited to visit an IKEA store. I resisted the idea until the end (giving in, eventually) as I could not comprehend how they planned to carry all that back with them to India. (I’m currently back home, sitting on an IKEA chair. Don’t ask.)

I had been in the States for 2 years by then but had never visited an IKEA store before. I either had my furniture delivered (hey Wayfair) or was handed over a furnished room. Despite that, I did not hear the…

Jay Shah

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