SAN FRANCISCO — July 16, 2020 — Video game consulting firm Powell Group Consulting and MeetToMatch have announced their fifth online event. Between August 4–6, the MeetToMatch & IndieGameBusiness — The San Francisco Summer Edition 2020 event brings a stellar Keynote and conference line-up, and the world’s best publishers, investors, marketing companies, and developers in one virtual location to meet and conduct business.

Team Intellivision Keynotes Business Development Session

Phil Adam and Jason Enos (Intellivision) just announced they will deliver the keynote on “Navigating Today’s Business Development Landscape”. Phil was the former President of Interplay and co-founded Spectrum Holobyte and… posted an article this week about the effect of COVID-19 on indie game developers. While I understand the majority of the concerns in the article, I don’t agree with them and I’m going to attempt to offer the silver lining in this pandemic. And yes, in full disclosure, we have been running virtual events for over a year now, our most recent one resulted in over 1,100 meetings between game companies.

There is no doubt, the cancellations of these events cause economic hardship for the companies that had already invested cash and time into preparing for the shows. We’ve…

We work in an industry that is on the leading edge of the world’s technology, yet we are still dependent on spending thousands of dollars to travel around the world and attend conferences in person. Let me be clear, I’m not opposed to traditional conferences. I attend them as well, but the situation with COVID-19 has made it clear we have to look at other options as well.

At this point we’ve had two major conferences cancelled between GDC and Mobile World Congress. How many companies have lost opportunities for networking and business at this point? On a global scale…

The two events will combine to provide both on site and online matchmaking and video conferencing.

San Francisco March 2nd 2020 — MeetToMatch and Indie Game Business have announced today that their events are merging in response to the official cancellation of GDC 2020 after increased fears of the Coronavirus (CoVID19). The merger will allow MeetToMatch ticket holders who are still planning to travel to San Francisco in March the chance to hold meetings in person and online. …

Isn’t this a much better meeting atmosphere than the “W”?

After last month’s announcement of GDC’s 2020 registration prices, it’s no surprise the gaming industry went into frenzy with a hike in ticket costs. While the San Francisco conference is seen as a vital component of networking and games business, it’s becoming apparent that its bullying tactics leave game developers vulnerable and spending all their funds to make the trek to the West Coast.

It’s time for developers to find feasible alternatives that won’t eat their pockets and it’s what inspired us at Powell Group Consulting to partner with MeetToMatch and create Indie Game Business, a virtual industry conference to…

The first lesson: Clear your schedule for the week.

My usual posts get less than 500 views…

I had no idea what I was getting into. I had this idea late on Friday July 5. The plan was to use the list to help raise awareness for our upcoming virtual business event. No big deal. I’ll just offer it up to anyone on LinkedIN who could use it.

By Sunday I knew I was in trouble. Good trouble mind you, but trouble none the less. The post took on a life of it’s own. It was all I could do to keep up with the requests, plus get…

Welcome back! If you missed the first article (PR & Messaging), you can catch up with that link, we’ll wait for you. This article will cover how to go about prospecting for new work and what to put in a great proposal. It’s worth keeping in mind that when Ed Dille of FOG Studios was on our show, he recommended that developers always have an original IP game ready to pitch when prospecting. Keep that in mind, the video is embedded here or you can grab the podcast version.

Ed Dille discusses what publishers look for in development teams



AKA — Being the grizzly, even if you’re a koala

If you run your own game development company, your daily to-do list is probably overflowing with important tasks: completing projects, communicating with your customers, directing your development team, handling distribution issues, creating marketing assets, and in some cases even coding or creating art for your game — all of which are vital to running a successful business.

However, there’s one task that doesn’t always make the list, but is arguably one of the best things you can do to support your company’s long-term stability and growth: business development!

Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to basic business…

Steam, and that’s as far as many companies think. Now we have the Epic store, Discord’s store and there are several additional marketplaces that indie teams need to take into account. Let’s first look at “why”.

Discoverability: Steam is over-crowded and not curated well. Every year there are more games released and that is not going to change. More releases means more competition and less time on the front page of the store. Let’s look at the last four years.

Total releases:

2015: 2,525

2016: 4,789

2017: 7,136

2018: 8,894

2019 (Through March): 2,109

Brand Awareness: When you can get…

Part of the benefit of running a consulting firm is that you have access to thousands of developers and should you be inclined to help them, they will typically help you as well. I’ve long been a proponent of better business education for our development community. We work in a time when a career in games means “being in constant fear of losing your job” and companies like Activision lay off 800 people after posting record revenue (then turns around and admit it may hurt more than help). …

The Powell Group

We are a business, marketing, and licensing consulting firm led by a team with 20+ years of experience in the game industry.

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