DBI World - a new Super Fast and Guaranteed Secure Internet setting new IT standards for the world

I, Wilhelm Hugo Hamann, am the founder of the following new ground breaking Internet venture called DBI World which can quickly be described as follows:-

Data Base International Pty Ltd in Perth, Australia, is embarking upon a new venture called Data Base International (DBI World) that originates from South Africa wherein it is planned to use graphene extensively at it’s database server site with billions and billions of graphene based processors each processor connected directly to each of our DBI World clients, as well as a graphene based processor at each of our DBI World client sites all over the world and will soon provide a brand new super-fast and secure Internet with guaranteed secure world wide interactive cloud computing, dealing with the challenges and issues of the current ailing Internet.

DBI World is the First of it’s kind and will be the only one of it’s kind setting new standards for data security and personal privacy and will reduce everyone’s costs whilst creating the opportunity of increasing profits dramatically for all businesses.

DBI World will launch the Internet into a new era, turning it into a truly secure global interactive cloud computing marketplace, whilst enhancing its popular social networks, information and marketing platforms — as well as secure distribution of movies and videos without the fear of piracy of intellectual property and the possibility of computer viruses and hackers having any affect on our DBI World clients.

We wish to launch the venture from the USA and we are busy raising the seed capital of up to $100 billion. We have already raised the $50 million we require to launch the world’s next biggest industry ever.

DBI World will bring together all the pieces of the puzzle to form a tightly integrated network of superb software applications, communications and infrastructure that will allow users to interact and transact with others in a totally secure environment, without the need to own any traditional computer hardware or software applications.

All processing and storage will be performed remotely on DBI World’s Hyper-Computers by means of super-decoders backed up by a 3-tier identification system using a peer-to-peer communications network for guaranteed security.

DBI World will not only revolutionize the Internet, but also computing and communications as we know it, thereby setting new IT standards for the whole world, including banking and monetary standards.

Our system will be providing a guaranteed service with NO bottlenecks and guaranteed authorized access to data at blistering access speeds previously unheard of on the existing Internet.

More importantly, our system will be able to positively identify anyone on earth in less than half-a-second thereby aiding in the elimination of terrorism, crime and fraud. DBI World can also immediately determine if a person is under threat, stress, duress or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

DBI World will put an end to Cyber Crime on the Internet — which has become one of the world’s biggest industries with an annual turnaround of exceeding GB £870 billion — according to Sky News.

Our system is unique in that it will levy a charge of a mere $20.00 per day per cost center for every company or other institution who wishes to use our data base facilities. The end-user will be levied a charge of a mere $1.00 per day for the service provided, from every Government earn 1 cent per day per person on their population register by providing an up-to-date population register, earn $1.00 per day for every movie, TV program or video stored, 50 cents per day for every song or music score stored on our data base and distributed securely anywhere in the world!

Very soon everyone using the Internet and all businesses who want to expand their market substantially will become a DBI World client — thereby DBI World will soon become the richest industry — ever!

For this we plan to install database servers consisting of billions and billions of graphene based processors, all over the world using existing telephone networks but it will be essential that we use ALL communication facilities available and among other we do need to consider radio and satellite communications as well.

Please visit our website down below for a little more information but rather contact me directly for much more confidential information and the full Business Plan.

DBI World will become one of the biggest highly paid job providers across the world creating millions of such job-opportunities.

DBI World is also inviting manufacturers of routers and modems to consider entering into an agreement with DBI World to exclusively be part of this new IT revolution — that will be the most advanced IT industry ever — and be the sole supplier of the routers and modems that will be required to securely encrypts and transmits data to our DBI World client base world wide where the encrypted data can only be deciphered by the party entitled to access the data, - nobody else.

Such an agreement will be the ultimate in guaranteed data security and privacy.

Alongside a unique investment opportunity, we have a worldwide collaboration based solution that enables businesses in the marketplace. Our business model has a strategic market niche, holistic business approach, huge audience/stakeholders expected, extremely low risk of not achieving critical mass and as such its break even point, large and increasing varieties/options, great benefits and even an exceptionally high ROI. It is this type of pioneering thinking today’s economic realm needs and it certainly requires not only fresh mind-sets with new buying in mentalities and capabilities, but an adequate investment package as well.

We invite anyone to contact us for more confidential information and a complete Business Plan Presentation.

Website: http://www.dbiworld.org

Note: the world’s figures on our website will be updated when DBI World goes live and will be kept up-to-date to the second

Data Base International Pty Ltd Reg No: 125 747 417
Level 1, 216 Stirling Highway
Mount CLAREMONT, Perth WA 6010

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