Concept: Introduce the ability to leave vocalized comments on YT/Medium/FB/etc.. posts via computer/mobile-phone microphone tech!

Hello everyone!

I am very excited to share my first Medium post with you all.

This posting entails a concept idea I have for Youtube, Medium, and really all relevant forums where you can leave comments on media! (Examples: Twitter, Facebook, etc..)

The idea is adding a new feature to these various commenting enabled platforms which would involve being able to leave an audio recording along with your text comments to be reviewed by anyone and everyone!

With current trends of podcasts soaring, I strongly believe this new commenting style will be embraced by users across all platforms..

This new development will..
Generate more content..
Enhance user experience..
Enhance quality of content poster’s target audience engagement..

There is an opportunity to monetize this feature to be only accessible by “paying customers” who will make payments of monthly subscription fees to utilize this extraordinary commenting feature!

I am looking for partners and contacts at the online forums of relevance (YT, Medium, FB, Twitter, etc..) to help facilitate the development and hence success of this venture as it is a guaranteed winner!

Please show some Twitter support for this tweet:

Reach out to me here regarding this new development if your interests and circumstances permit.

Jaswinder Brar

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