Feature Suggestion for Medium: Medium Live Progress Novels.

Hello again everyone!

I have a great idea for a simple feature suggestion for Medium which involves developing a platform for writer’s (of novels) where audience’s can watch their work’s in progress updated daily..

This is only for the author to generate interest on projects they wish to publicly disclose!

This will create a new public editing forum via the comments!

I strongly believe this will also create an excellent educational tool for students to view!

Example: J.K. Rowling uses this website to start a public novel and fans watch her write live at her leisured scheduled time slots..

Would you yourself not start a novel and keep your viewers/fans updated daily on your writing process?

I do not have the technical skills or business connections to facilitate the success of this venture and I am seeking your partnership Medium to develop this platform and launch it on PH!

PS-*BONUS FEATURE SUGGESTION*: Medium may also consider holding place for keeping a public journal! ;) I look forward to your thoughts and ideally your participation on this project!

Jaswinder Brar

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