Why Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Career!
Jacob Morgan

Your Comfort Zone Is A Trap

…and traps aren’t comfy.

Jacob Morgan—a best-selling author, speaker, and futurist—just wrote a piece about the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone. Since he stepped out of his comfort zone, he’s been able to build his brand and become an expert of the future of the work world.

Morgan’s work is great. Check him out at thefutureorganization.com

This is a topic near and dear to me, because I pull, push, coax, and lead people out of their comfort zones on a daily basis through initialsignatures.

That’s because your comfort zone is a trap.

Your comfort zone’s a trap.

I’ve found two common reasons why the awesome people I work with don’t venture outside of their comfort zone.

Some people simply don’t know which step to take next. One of the guys I work with is in the Marines. He enjoys the experience, but he doesn’t think that this is his long-term vocation. He called me impromptu one day while I was on the road, and I had to pull over because our conversation was so damn good. We have been trying to figure out what his next move will be, and it felt like we were getting close. At the end of the conversation, we found it. He’s passionate about film and writing, so I suggested that he do the most obvious thing in the world: write! Now he writes a long email to me three times a week.

When we’re in a comfort zone, we will find ways to justify being there. For my Marine, he justified his position by making the answer seem complex when the answer ended up being as simple as sending a friend three emails a week. Another way to justify staying stuck is by making excuses.

That’s a red flag to me. Excuses usually cover up fear.

While some folks don’t know which step to take next, others fear the next step. It’s a fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of the unknown. It’s a fear of something. Sometimes is deeply rooted, other times it’s not.

In most cases, we’ve made the fear irrationally larger than it truly is.

Fear is the one I struggle with the most. I fear failing, being rejected, being negatively judged, and not knowing what really is in front of me.

I fear showing up at a high school reunion and having nothing to show for the work I’ve put in or the expectations people have placed on me. I also fear losing relationships I’ve built through business because I can’t execute in the business. That’s all very real to me.

Here’s the mindset I’ve adopted to get me through it all. I bet it could help you too:

I’d rather be free in the wild than trapped in it.

If you’re in your comfort zone and it’s not so comfy, or if you’re interested in what we can accomplish together by signing you up to initialsignatures, email me: jay@initialsignatures.com