Galway – Day 6

Oh hey look! A Google Building! At first it’s weird to see it, but then you see news that Fitbit is opening an office in Dublin and you remember how insanely connected the world is now.

We’re off from Limerick to Galway and I only wish we were here for multiple days. There’s something that pulls at you that makes you feel like you’re home, or like you never should have left.

When we pull into Galway laundry is the first thing on our minds, and our noses. Now here’s a point to remember, there’s no self service laundry in Galway. There’s no self service laundry in Galway, now one more time with feeling…

You said it in your head didn’t you?

So we hit the hotel. Don’t hit buildings, hurts the hands. It’s a tiny little townhouse that itself is quite the nice little building. We drop our bag of travel food at the townhouse and get a location of where a laundromat is. So we wander. We meander. We complain. It gets sweaty, bags get heavy (Mom’s Spaghetti?). Eventually Liz finds a laundry service, and we’re informed that self service doesn’t exist.

Cue annoyance.

With a feeling of defeat we head back to the hotel and resign ourselves to a smelly day and laundry in Belfast. Then we met Pauline.

She’s the owner of the townhouse, and she makes the wonderful offer to take our laundry for us, just a bag, and bring it back in the morning.

Cue rejoicing.

We scramble our laundry into a single bag, hand it off and sing the praises of Pauline.

Now that we’ve got laundry taken care of, it’s time to find some food since it’s now almost dinner and we had a scone for breakfast.

New things to note: Mid afternoon Galway is a sea of people. So many people. Also these people like eating. Liz remembers a little hole in the wall shop and wants to stop in for a little trinket. The trinket is purchased, it’s a nice little necklace, looks great on her. Our search for food takes us to the Spanish Arches, a couple of old archways from hundreds of years ago, I think in commemeration of Galway taking in Spanish survivors from sinking Galleons.

Either that or I made that all up and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

We find a little pub called Garvey’s and it’s delicious. Either because I was hungry, or it was legitimately delicious. Either way, hunger satiated. We do that wandering thing some more and then it’s back to the hotel for some recharging our own batteries. We also found a place called the Hall of the Red Earl during our wanders. It’s an interesting little snapshot back in time. A recently discovered old customs house discovered in the pedestrian area of Galway.

After our recharge and a few minutes of tv watching (British Game Shows…just amazing) John and I take off for a few pints. It’s off the King’s Head for a couple pints and some live music which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Note, not a licensed Doctor.

There’s something so welcoming about the sound of live music at a pub that makes you want to just sit and relax. We hunker down for about 3 hours just sitting and listening and it’s exactly what I wanted out of Galway.

We head back to the hotel to crash out. It’s a long, long day of travel from Galway to Belfast tomorrow so nothing crazy tonight.

Also, people LOVE partying in Galway. At all hours. Windows basically do nothing. Bus sleep will be great.

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