Limerick – Day 5

We got into town and went the wrong way. Very much the wrong way. However we knew our hotel was on the water so we just started walking until we found it. From the water it was easy, just find the hotel front and walk.

Mission Accomplished.

Though as a group “directionally challenged” holds up as a title.

Limerick itself is an interesting town. More than anything it’s Irish Saint John. Parts of it are beautiful, but those parts are directly beside parts on the opposite side of the beauty spectrum.

The day itself was kind of a well needed maintenance day, at least for John and I. We aimlessly wandered through the city as is our goto style. This wandering led us to seeing a beautiful castle off in the distance up river, so off we went, with me chasing pigeons along the way. Getting to the castle was a lot easier than expected, but there was a nice river walk along the way and Liz got to snag some pictures of ducks and swans and the like. John and I sat on a bench.

We got to the castle and here’s the interesting part, didn’t bother going in. We did go into the gift shop so Liz could buy a gift card, so I guess that’s pretty much the same thing. Eventually we found ourselves back on the other side of the river and heading toward the hotel. Liz wanted to stop for a patio pint which got little argument. Luckily there was a pub right there (one of those things you end up saying a lot here).

Going in was kind of hilarious. Walked in the door and it was a freeze frame. Everyone just kinda stopped and looked, didn’t recognize us and then just went about their way. We grab out drinks and shuffle out to the smoking patio. Here it seems the few tables outside are for smoking, not for enjoying a nice drink outside. Also this bar was Cheers! But in Ireland. Every time someone walked in that door the whole pub erupted in hellos and cheers.

They did not do that when we went in to drop off our glasses. The disappointment was real but short lived.

There’s not much else to Limerick from there. It was back to the hotel, buy some cards, grabbed some quick dinner and basically called it a night.

Galway in the morning. Should be a beaut.

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