Virtual Events: What changes, and how to find/be a great virtual speaker

Event planners today are thinking more and more about virtual conferences, and rightfully so. But THE most important thing to think through when crafting virtual experiences is to identify the ways online events are different than offline events … for the audience.

1. Knowing what happens when your physical movements and hand motions are gone.

2. Storytelling/verbal techniques and cues must be used to earn the next 30 seconds of their time.

3. Grappling with how humor changes.

4. You’re not talking to an audience anymore. You’re talking to one person.

Thanks for reading. I’m Jay Acunzo, a speaker, author, and podcast host/producer. Find me at

If you’d like to chat about virtual events, I both consult speakers and organizers on crafting virtual talks and deliver virtual keynotes. Email me directly to discuss: (or, for in-person speaking opportunities, email Thanks!

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