Travel state of mind — A memoir

A reason to write

Everyone blogs about their travel nowadays. From the pointless compulsion of those who feel compelled to post about every visit to an airport, to the unbridled joy of those who share photos of family frolic on a beach, everyone is now a travel blogger. But what if one wanted to really learn about a new destination? There is no easy way to sift through the mounds of posts and heaps of pictures on your social media feeds to get to a real recommendation about a destination from someone you know. Unless that someone happens to be a TripAdvisor, or a Lonely Planet, or something in between.

My work, with a global internet shopping company, gets me around quite a bit. Off and on, I have thought about writing about my travels but I’ve never actually followed through with it, owing partly to procrastination and partly to a deep seated self deprecating attitude. After all, I thought, who would want to read what I write.

Recently, my partner Poornima, who is training to be a co-active coach, walked me through a very thought provoking exercise — using the positive energy of different perspectives from my own life experience to break though the roadblocks in life. One of the commitments I made to myself at the end of this exercise was that I will actively start to write about my travel, because I learnt that it matters not who would (or would not) want to read what I write, it only matters that I write for myself and for those closest to me.

Now this work related travel is a double edged sword. Every day I travel is a day away from my loving family whom I cherish, but it is also a day that gets me to experience new things, meet new people and create new memories. Every day I travel drains me physically from the dryness of the aircraft cabins, the constant change in time zones, the early hours and inordinate amounts of coffee. But being in a new place is also a shot of energy for my soul and often gives life a new perspective.

So I am starting down this uncertain path — of documenting what I see and how I feel when I am in a new place. This is not a blog. It’s my memoir for those uncertain times in the future when the mind will undoubtedly end up sharper than the body. It’s a reservoir for when I need a dose of soul energy. It’s my gratitude to my loving family — my partner Poornima and my daughter Mahika — who do so much to set me free. And its a thank you to the universe for letting me simply be.

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