A new way to benchmark your mobile camera

I’m sure that all of you have experienced Mobile Camera Opening Lagging problems and it irritates a lot when we need it urgently am i right ?

So what we do in order to solve this issue? Pretty simple, we will install a top rated faster camera app. If it does not work we will try with new ones. This process will continue until we know it has no connection to third party applications and one more thing we know is it is something related to hardware configuration of our mobile phone.

I think now you are very much closer to the truth than before. My solution to this problem will start from benchmarking the device camera. Comparison is a gift and comparison will improve the awareness.

Between that can i ask you one question If there is way to know how long your phone is taking to load Camera each time (cuz it varies each time)and Where you stand among world’s Top 1000 mobile phones . Sounds good idea ?

This video will answer the above questions well..