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Kancheepuram wedding sarees are a craze among the South Indian birdes. Even after the introduction of outfits such as lehengas and western gowns into the wedding fashion scenario, the Kancheepuram sarees still remain the number one choice of a South Indian bride.

Do you know the legend that the traditional silk saree weavers of the Kancheepuram district in Tamil Nadu are considered to be the descendants of Sage Markanda who is believed to be the personal weaver of Gods?

The Kancheepuram sarees hold a luxurious status among the brides. A lovely Kancheepuram saree with its amazing themes, motifs and mix of rare shades can give any lady the imperial look, an image of perfection. They are referred as the South India’s answer to Banarasi sarees of the North.

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The amazing Kancheepuram sarees have also given its namesake little town an important place in the world tourism map. This little temple town has been recognised as a Geographical Indication by the government.

The Kancheepuram silk sarees are traditionally weaved from pure mulberry silk threads and three shuttles are used for weaving a single saree. According to various surveys, there are around 5,000 families in the area which are included in Kancheepuram silk saree weaving.

The pallu which is in a different colour than the body of the saree is woven separately and carefully joined to the body later. Likewise, the border is woven separately and then interlocked with the body. On a normal, it will take around 8 days to get a Kancheepuram saree finished.

It will have wide fringes at the end of the pallu and even though the colours and patterns could differ from each saree they usually use mythological characters or floral designs to decorate the pallu. Temple art and sculptures embossed on the walls of the temples are also sometimes found their place in the Kancheepuram sarees.

The handcrafting technique of Kancheepuram sarees is so strong that it will not get detached from the body even if the saree tears. The gold in the designs is joined by dipping the silk string into molten gold and silver.

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The Kancheepuram sarees have many admirers from all over the world and are one of the most sought after brands in the world.

Another peculiarity of Kancheepuram sarees is that unlike other hand woven sarees the silk strings of a Kancheepuram saree is made of three strings which are curved together, and that gives it a genuine quality and toughness.

The Kancheepuram sarees have evolved in many ways and various shapes, textures and designs have also become a part of it. Kancheepuram sarees are available in a wide price range to make sure that every bride could afford a beautiful silk saree.

The Kancheepuram sarees are usually accessorized with traditional gold jewellery, especially temple or antique gold jewellery.

To preserve such a beautiful saree for ages and to handover it as heirloom you need to preserve them well. Dry cleaning is the most followed and preferred method. It should be kept in a dry corner of your cupboard wrapped in a soft cotton cloth.

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