ADA is Top Notch Event Management Company in Delhi

“YOUR FORTNIGHT WITH ADA was a windy mid-summer day when a concept came banging…let’s get on with a style show! Yes, I know, there’s some description required here…well, this is how the image is. I’ve lately responded to my contacting and have begun my own corporate show. But the teething problems were what had kept me up my feet these times and the most important one being getting the right visibility. Though we were getting quite a few plum tasks, I was not really seeing my opportunity going where exactly I desired it to be. So what better way than planning a corporate show? Better said than done! I did not know a spirit who would information me on it and neither could I depend on just any event management company since I was such a first time in the business.

It was then that my know-it-all friends and colleague came to my way and recommended the name of ADA, a major name in the industry of event management company in Delhi. “And not just this”, Company gushed, “there’s more to it. ADA does everything, right from Promotional, corporate events, retail, exhibitions, road shows, portfolio services, and advertising.” ADAMS stroll on, while I created the decision…if it’s my first corporate event, it’s going to be ADA. However, I was doubtful. What about all the running-around and hassles? How would I fit all of these within my already loaded schedule? What about getting sponsors? What about the invites? It was not going to be a joy-ride most definitely, I made my decision. Still in question, I got in touch with the contact person for ADA, emailing all my requirements, and boy! There was fast response, just the next day a group of managers from the event company paid me a visit.

What was better was that they could easily understand my specifications and in a couple of time, we were all ready to set voyage to my dream project. But, it is said that the way to achievements is never too simple and it got shown when the luxurious location that had in thoughts stated that we could fix up our event with them at any time within a fortnight! Now that, I believed, was difficult…how could I probably get all my preparations done within a fortnight? Again it was my manager from ADAMS who assured me, all full of assurance. We will do all arrangements before event.

The hall was set, management team were chosen, sponsors were roped in and the invites were sent…all in a period of just a fortnight! The event became a achievements with everything completely in place and think what? It did for me what it meant to do…some really big tasks created their way to me and what more? My event was the talk of the town; all thanks to ADA .The Company got my vision transformed into reality. That’s how my trip with ADA began and I’m still with it!”