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After European union enacted the GDPR policies, every related product should comply with these regulations. So every latest WSO2 product will have the full scale capabilities to support the GDPR policies.

One of the most prominent requirement of GDPR is “right to be forgotten”. Every GDPR complaint WSO2 product has this feature. This feature is supported via a inbuilt tool that is packed with every GDPR complaint WSO2 product. And will be available as a separate standalone tool as well.

The main task of this tool is to anonymize records related to a deleted user. These records include, historical data that is stored in meta data database tables, logs including access and audit logs, Analytic streams, etc… Anonymization does not means erasing all the related data. Instead this tool will replace all the identity related information with a random value (Pseudonym) but keeping the record’s connection as it is. By records connection it means, every record belongs to the same user will be replaced by the same pseudonym. So the connection integrity will be preserved. Even after an anonymization process, IT admin can track events that are done by the same person without knowing his or her identity. …

If you posted something into the internet, that means you did something that whole world can see. Therefore concerning about the privacy is a mandatory fact when it comes to interconnected world. That is why there are lots of regulations and acts to control how the end user’s privacy is handled by a system. GDPR[1] is the latest.

General Data Protection Regulation is an act, that is enacted by European parliament to unify and strength the data protection of individuals in European union. Which will be enforced after 25th May 2018[2]. …

From WSO2 POM version 4 onward, CheckStyle and Findbugs maven plugins are enabled by default. So the code won’t compile if there are any CheckStyle or Findbugs issues present. Maven will complain about what are the issues there with the code. Until you fix everyone of them, you won’t be able to compile the code. (Of course you can disable CheckStyle and Findbugs) You can easily fix these issues beforehand by integrating CheckStyle and Findbugs plugins to IntelliJ IDEA.

Installing CheckStyle Plugin

First download the latest plugin (Or the version that is compatible with IDEA version) from plugins website. …


Jayanga Kaushalya

Software Engineer @WSO2

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