Rocks from outer space had been visiting earth since the beginning of times.

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Image credit: American Museum of Natural History, published in the New York Times, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Although the one and only Chicxulub Impactor (11–81 kilometres in diameter) that wiped out the dinosaurs some 66 million years ago, hold the record for the biggest ever meteorite to ever hit the earth, it is neither the first nor the last of such visits.

Some were lucky enough to survive the journey into our atmosphere and made the earth their home while some just evaporated creating spectacular shooting stars, and of course, there are others who skim past the earth! Among these alien rocks, there are pretty big ones weighing as much as dozens of grownup elephants!

And these…

Could the sunshine vitamin be the ultimate rescue from cancer?

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The sunshine vitamin, the only vitamin the human body can produce itself, has long been known for its unrivaled qualities of making us better. But its exact connection with cancer had been a mystery for many years.

“Vitamin D is a supplement that’s readily available, cheap and has been used and studied for decades. Our findings, especially the strong risk reduction seen in individuals with normal weight, provide new information about the relationship between vitamin D and advanced cancer.” Dr Paulette Chandler

There had been reports suggesting the death rate of certain cancer types in people who live near the…

What these tiny robots can do will amaze you!

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Image by marian anbu juwan from Pixabay

There is a robotic revolution underway and unfortunately, we are somewhat distracted to witness it. From microbot swarms that could shapeshift, walk, fly, swim, climb, crawl and organize themselves to do various tasks, deliver drugs in our bodies, identify cancers, destroy tumours, these are the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. And all these have been a possibility thanks to the latest advances in nanotechnology, computing, electronics, and mechanics.

Here are those most advanced, creative, and enigmatic microbots that you never knew existed and would make life so much…

Gold joins the fight against cancer!

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“Gold triggered prodrugs turned into effective bioactive anti-cancer drugs.” Image by Erik Stein from Pixabay

The ‘shining dawn’ or the aurum of all metals is none other than Gold (Au). Bombarded from outer space millions of years ago, Gold has made the earth their home and became precious in our hearts!

Being extremely ductile where just 1 gram of it could be stretched out for a 1 square metre sheet, its rare yellowish shine and being less chemically reactive, Gold is the ultimate noble metal with its uses stretch from precious jewellery, currency, electronics, dentistry, radiation protection and even in the culinary world for gourmet food decorations.

And if…

Barcodes are so yesterday!

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A DNA-based molecular tagging system that is far superior to conventional tagging systems. Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

“We designed the first portable, end-to-end molecular tagging system that enables rapid, on-demand encoding and decoding at scale, and which is more accessible than existing molecular tagging methods.” Kathryn Doroschak

One can say the world is in a system where everything has an ID. Be it the face recognition, barcodes, QR codes, blood types or simply physical characteristics, everything is identifiable.

Despite being so omnipresent, these identification technologies have their own drawbacks. …

Killing Bacteria With Wasp Venom!

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An answer from nature against stubborn bacteria — Wasp Venom!
David Hablutzel

“New antibiotics are urgently needed to treat the ever-increasing number of drug-resistant infections, and venoms are an untapped source of novel potential drugs.” Prof César de la Fuente

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania may have finally found an answer from nature against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They have been able to successfully turn highly toxic Wasp venom into powerful antimicrobial molecules. A major breakthrough, which would hopefully develop into highly efficient medicines that are lethal to strong antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Antibiotic Resistance

It is a seriously escalating threat the world faces today. Antibiotic Resistance is the inability of the…

From Earthquakes To Our Senses, Opening Ways To Give Us The Real Feeling Of Virtual Reality!

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Credit: PublicDomainPictures

“Touch is a primordial sense, as important to our ancient ancestors as it is to modern-day mammals, but it’s also one of the most complex senses and therefore least understood.” Dr Tom Montenegro-Johnson

For the first time ever, scientists have established a “Universal Scaling Law for the Sense of Touch” by studying seismic waves that are bound with earthquakes. And the new find is turning pages in virtual reality.

The researchers from the University of Birmingham who were on a mission to discover novel…

Groundbreaking Study On Carbon Creation May Change Our Understanding Of the Universe!

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Image credit: skeeze

A team of physicists from Australia and Norway has proved that stars create carbon much faster than previously thought, making it question the very basis of astrophysics. They found out that stars create carbon 34% faster than previously thought, a major change to what was known as common knowledge that did not change for nearly 4 decades!

“It’s a really surprising result, with profound implications across astrophysics.” Associate Professor Tibor Kibédi.

For us here on earth, carbon is the basis of life. The whole planet is built upon…

The Accidental Combination Of Two Scientists That Lead To Discover One Very Important Medical Discovery In 2020 — A Remote Control For Diabetes!

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“We’ve built a remote control to manage diabetes,” Prof. Calvin Carter, 2020. Image Credit: Author (Jayani Randika)

A novel technique to manage diabetes non-invasively using static electric and magnetic fields has been developed by a team of scientists at the University of Iowa. Their new discovery has already successfully managed “2 major hallmarks of type-2 diabetes” in mice.

Proudly presenting their findings to the world, Calvin Carter, one of the lead authors of the paper, “Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for relatively short periods reduces blood sugar and normalizes the body’s response to insulin…

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Earth Creates Precious Stones Within Minutes

Changing what was previously thought to be taking of thousands of years, scientists from the Rice University in Texas has proved otherwise saying that formation of fine gems may take only minutes!

A deep study which spanned over 3 years and data that ran for 50 years into the history, this painstaking research allowed the team to develop a mathematical model which can transform “chemical profiles into crystal growth rates.”

According to Patrick Phelps, co-author of the study, “This is one step towards understanding how Earth concentrates lithium in certain places and minerals. …

Jayani Randika

A Life & Science enthusiast from London & the Science Editor at: MSc. MBA. BSc

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