Instagram Is Ruining Vacation
Mary Pilon

That’s why I love to share on VSCO over Instagram. You can’t show off there. It doesn’t let people like or comment on your photos. Nor can you see how many people viewed it. It just lets others follow you (but does not tell you who follows you or the follow count). Just imagine if Instagram did the same- no likes, no comments, no follow count. Most will flee over to some other service. Those who will remain will be the passionate artists. Hence at VSCO, the intent behind sharing photos is completely changed. It’s to post them as a work of art and enjoy the work of other artists. As a result I post less photos. And post only the ones which I truly feel are spellbinding and keep the rest on my phone to visit them later to refresh memories.

But it’s ok for people to share their lives on Instagram. It’s a way for them to practice creativity, see life from different beautiful perspectives. Capturing photos all the time is just a passing fad for many. I’m sure they value the experiences more than capturing them.

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