About The Beauty Of Gangtok (Sikkim)

Hello friends, I am Jayant and I want to tell you about the beauty of Gangtok.

Gangtok is the capital of the mountainous northern Indian state of Sikkim. First time when I went to Gangtok some time ago, I understood the cleanliness and beauty of the place. Gangtok is a place where there is no pollution nor is there any dust because people of there pay great attention to this. And the special thing about it is that you will see a dustbin in every corner. The weather there is so beautiful that sometimes there is sunlight, sometimes rain and sometimes even fogg weather are visible. Foreign people also go there to enjoy the beauty and the weather there.

M.G. Marg(Mahatma Gandhi Marg) Gangtok.

There is such a place in Gangtok which is very popular, one of them is M.G. Marg which is very beautiful.When I went to Gangtok, I stayed in the MG Marg because there is my relative’s house.There is so much light on the night that I can not even tell you..

We can make whole India like Gangtok if we think like those people.
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