I want to write an UX article too

Writing a domain specific article might seem to be a proactive thought for many. But how is it really made? How do i choose a topic? How to draft an interesting article? there might be million questions stacked under the sky. Here are few simple ideas for you to arrive at your topic of interest, derive the points and make it more interesting for the reader to remember your’s among lakhs.

Relate to the real world

Being a professional, not many stretches back to write an article to share their experience and learnings.The topic you choose should be to the current demand and address the questions the reader have. Observe the real world to pick up the topic. To be in specific, the slider UI interaction is inspired from the real world Slider gates. Similarly, search for the unanswered questions that you have in our daily routine.

“The slider UI interaction is inspired from the real world Slider gates.”

Create a list of your own challenges

Listing the challenges you faced during a project or while starting your career would make you distinct and remember to write down the ways you tackled it too. Never feel guilty of your mistakes. Moreover, addressing the mistakes you committed during your design phases would make someone feel really comfortable that they aren’t the only one.

Discuss as much as you can

Discussing about your random thoughts with someone is interesting. And when it is more specific, it is even more interesting indeed. Throw your list of topics that you collected at your colleagues and ask them to share their experience. Collective information on a topic would add more value. So you are actually adding more cheese to your article. By now the topics would be narrowed down and it’s your time to pick your topic based on the interesting facts and the number of information that you received from the discussion and observation. Pick the topic that has received more number of experience or stories or views from your colleagues. So that you have people to validate your article and draw a solid informational article.


Once choosing the topic is done. Research more about the topic. Search for the published articles that are available and books on the topic. Create key points to shape your article. Most of the successful writers have a habit of drawing a flow diagram before getting into the details of any subtopics in the article. List down the sub topics you are going to cover and then getting into the details is a cakewalk.The same applies for a book too.


Arranging your wardrobe would be more interesting with new clothings. Similarly, the categorisation of the information or the subtopics you drafted should be in a combination of the experience and the current world facts. Deal more about the observed facts and add your experience as an example.

Create trust

You might have worked in huge or numerous projects, still the understandings of UX across the industry is divergent. So while explaining a scenario to your reader, be precise in the explanation and refer to the standards to draw the baseline for the user to understand and trust the topic your dealing about.

list the takeaway at the end

As a reader, i would suggest the writers to summarise the take away from the article because not all your readers are sharp to remember the points they read. Psychologically, people feel satisfied when their learnings are being quantified.