It’s okay to be negative! Till when?

I’m a Taurus, out and out. I don’t know if my sun sign commands it or is it that I’m just wired that way, but I’m a firm believer of practicality.

I don’t do small talk.

I don’t do wishy-washy romance.

I don’t do diplomacy. I say what I think; may be polish my choice of words a little.

I don’t do things because they are popular.

Likewise, I don’t believe in being an unabashed optimist all the time. I don’t believe in rainbows and unicorns till I make them happen.

For me, it’s okay to be negative some times.

When things go south — whether it is a bad breakup, or a cancer diagnosis, or a really bad time at work, or a dysfunctional family, or when the dark past comes crashing down — it’s okay to break down. It’s okay to shed silent tears on a pillow into the night. It’s okay to scream out to keep the engulfing helplessness at bay. It’s okay to think that life has ended and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s okay.

But, that has to stop, the negativity cannot go on forever. Wallowing in self-pity cannot continue because the next day that dawns is a new chance and it has to be seized. Like Olivia Pope in Scandal says, ‘We’re gladiators’.

This is where my annoyingly logical inner conscience kicks in. For me it’s okay to be negative when I’m gearing myself to attack a problem. Being negative helps me list down all the things that can go wrong in a situation and it helps me be prepared.

This wee bit of negativity keeps me grounded. It lets me know what chances I have, what I can expect, and how far I can go. It allows me to set my expectations right and take the necessary precautions to survive the situation. It allows me to take slow and steady steps towards the finish line.

This negativity prevents me from being rash, unreasonable, and unrealistic. Once I have all the inputs, once I’m prepared, I can now think freely on how I can make the best out of the current crappy situation. I can work out a strategy to climb up from rock bottom and another 50-feet of crap. I can now be a phoenix that has been reborn from the ashes of the negativity.

Now, I can be a gladiator!

So, for me, it’s okay to be negative. All that matters is I win in the end.

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