swanthatra swapna

sittin here on my bed, this was written when i had something as simple as fractured leg way back in 2010.

but it gave me some time to think of things which had it running through my mind.

i had to write some thing. we are all handicapped, at some moment in life. what would it be live the life others are living and how would it be if its all u can imagine.

all you can do is sit at one place hallucinate, have some assumption ilussion ns nothing more .

what would it be to imagine things which u can never see.

how would it be to be a part of the victory which u can never participate

to be a part of the party which u can never celebrate.

its easy to convince some one but its not easy to convince yourself against reality.
people say you need shoulders all your life we are incomplete without others. how does it feel being incomplete in comparison to others around you??

how does it feel to be incomplete yourself. isnt that the biggest question about life and living.

when i walk i know i am gonna stumble any tym and i started to thnkof the poeple who how feel like this all the time?
when every says run towards ur goal? thinking of people for whom walking by itself is a goal achievement.

we always talk about sympathizing and empathathysin but in reality we do neither of them properly
be a hand to those who dont have, be the eye to those who can't see, be a leg to those who cant walk.


does it make sense?? every walk of our life we meet people with challenges and we ignore them.

is it the right to live only ours?? wen we dream of a bigger house,a bigger car. a better furnishing wats wrong of dreaming to live, dreaming to breath fresh air.. walking with pride without inequalities.

lets together create a change, let the freedom to dream begin.. lets dream higher, rather lets dream..

swanthantra swapna..

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