Logical Reasoning

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Today we will brief about what is logical reasoning..So here we start…

The word ‘logic’ is derived from Greek word ‘logos’ which mean ‘thoughts in language’. We can say that ‘logic’ is the ‘science of thought’ expressed in language.

The mental effect of cause-and-effect relationship is called ‘reasoning’. It may be prediction of an event from an observed cause or the inference of a cause from an observed event.

Logical reasoning is the passing from the known to unknown. It is the process of deriving a logical inference from a hypothesis through reasoning. This type of reasoning involves three types of attributes, viz., What? Why? and How?

Another important factor in logical reasoning is logical deduction. Deriving an inference from units of arguments which are called proposition in logic or deducing an inference from statements is called logical deduction. For example:

(a) Man is mortal.

(b) Raveesh is a man.

therefore, Raveesh is mortal.

From statement (a) and (b) we derive a logical conclusion that Raveesh is mortal.

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