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Here are some facts:

Hilary and bill got rich on their foundations and by leveraging of public office partially with resources provided by our tax dollars to the tune of 200 million…

Hilary got presidential help with an email cover up that would get anyone else a long stretch in Leavenworth

Hilary’s decision in Benghazi got the Ambassador and three others killed because she failed to make a call on the situation and continues to LIE about and dodge the subject

Hilary is guilty of covering up her husband’s bad deeds with women to keep him in office so she could run for president eventually!! (SHE USED WOMEN FOR MANIPULATIVE PURPOSES!!)

Hilary and bill are advocating ILLEGAL ALIENS TO FRAUDULENTLY VOTE

Hilary and bill claimed $700,000 loss on their tax returns last year which led to no taxes not to mention the years they paid in nothing and STILL GOT A REFUND

Hilary and bill bought a house for their daughter that is 10 times nicer than 99% of the houses her so called “deplorable’s” that do most of the work and pay most of the taxes

…and she is a PUBLIC SERVANT…Trump is just a private citizen.