Collaborative Workflows - Kaṇāda Open Source Initiative (KOSI)


The Kaṇāda Open Source Initiative is an initiative to spread awareness about unrecognized individuals or peoples whose important contributions in science, technology, philosophy, language, politics, art, architecture, and culture continue to have an impact to this day.

This is hopefully one of only first such projects which uses the spirit of sharing via the Open Source Software community and turns into a movement with the simple goal of helping understand these peoples and their stories using facts and keeping them alive with memories and useful software

Simple rules to follow while contributing with Kaṇāda Open Source Initiative (KOSI)
1. Please use primary or secondary sources of reference such as yours or someone else’s research on the topic, via writings, pictures, or videos
2. Please avoid tertiary sources of reference (i.e. to wikipedia, quora etc.)
3. Please make an effort to publish code which is useful and not just snippets
4. You may use the preamble or inline description for your stories and references e.g. to the Incas and their art or architecture
5. Please include this preamble to your project and if it’s an HTML file you will notice the preamble is enclosed within the <script> element

Collaborative Workflows

With Collaborative Workflows you can prevent accidental sharing and usage of docs by capturing and displaying their workflow state, so the document collaborator knows, whether the author of the doc is requesting for document approval, whether they have all necessary approvals, whether they’ve made all changes requested, the list of reviewers, and if it’s been published.

Kaṇāda’s writings lead us to conclude that he was what we would call a theoretical physicist who validated several thought experiments.
His postulations of the laws of motion predate any other modern day scientist.

Therefore just as he set the laws of motion and perhaps inspired modern day physicists and their scientific discoveries, so do we set in motion collaborative workflows and making document reviews easier.


Use this github repo link to get a copy of this project —

The first step in running this project is to open a google apps script project on and creating your first apps script project.

Google doesn’t let you publish the project on the G Suite Marketplace so you can make it work you in one of the following ways -

  • Right now there doesn’t seem to be a way to download github repos directly to an app script project so after downloading the repo you will need to copy files onto the script editor one by one.
  • But there is a useful chrome extension which lets you interact with github from the apps script editor. Generate your personal access token for your app on Github
  • Use the Login SCM button to authorize the chrome extension with your github login and the access token you just created
  • After that you will be able to push or access github repos from your account within apps script editor
  • The project in itself won’t still be useful unless it runs on a google docs document. So you can create and assign a test document by navigating to run -> test as add on, within the script editor and selecting the doc (document, slide, or sheet). Make sure to choose the ‘Installed and enabled’ mode -
  • Once the document has been selected and saved it should appear in the list as shown below -
  • You can save multiple docs for testing and when you wish to test it next time you simply use the interface to select the doc you need and run the code on it
  • Another way to run your code is to publish it within a doc (document, slide, or sheet) by opening a script editor within the doc -

The drawback to the above approach is that the app wont be available on other doc files or on any other G-docs suite such as spreadsheets and slides.

Installing the app on every doc one by one by opening the script editor is not a scalable approach but it helps you test the app

  • You could still make the app available to all docs within your account by publishing it to a google project by visiting to your GCP account and creating a GCP cloud project and using the GCP project number in the window below to set the project and associate it with the apps script project
  • Once that is done in order to publish the project on GCP you navigate to the APIs & Services Dashboard
  • and then to the G Suite Marketplace
  • Once here go back to your apps script editor and copy the project key -
  • Also save the app version in the apps script editor Manage versions interface -
  • Now paste the project key and version in the GCP G Suite Marketplace window and list it as a private app
  • With the app you will also need to save store listing details like privacy, app logo, screen, category, detail etc.
  • The app publishing to G Suite Marketplace usually succeeds with corporate accounts but when you are an individual developer it usually doesn’t so if it did for you please let me know what worked.
  • Once this is done you can use the app as an add on after you install it


  • Open it within the add on toolbar and hit Get Started
  • Notice the initial document status is ‘Being Edited’
  • You may change the state of the document from the add on window
  • Share the doc with reviewers
  • Send notifications to reviewers
  • Receive email notifications
  • View reviewer status and document workflow status
  • Either send it back for more change or approve
  • Approve the doc
  • Publish the doc through the add on tool bar
  • On the published doc view the approval state of each reviewer