43 to 35: Execution

It’s surprisingly common for there to be a wide gulf between the values one is claiming and the values one is executing against. There is a persistent illusion that many of us share that these un-executed values somehow represent the “real” values, and our “occasional deviance” get written off as human frailty.

I’m reminded of one of Sebastian Marshall’s Strategic Review on Faith and Works, and at some point maybe I’ll come back and link it here. But for the meantime, doing that at this moment would not be value aligned with my goals so I’m going to leave that as an exercise for the reader or a future editorial pass.

Instead, I’m going to talk tactics. I have laid out a goal which is value-aligned, to finish this blog, which will further inject motivation and momentum to the period of growth I’ve been experiencing.

If I have any hope of doing that, I’m going to have to face some hard realities. I’m going to have to write almost every day, during a time when I will have numerous other large projects underway.

What is winning?

Winning, for me, in this sphere, is to publish 43 posts in the next 60-odd days. I have plenty of material in my head. What I don’t have is time.

Enter budgeting. 30 minutes of writing per post. 10 minutes of editing. Then I’m hitting publish. That’s it. The quality of the work will suffer, but my goal here is not to create a work of maximum lasting value. It’s to honor my original intention and exercise my will.

Since this is a relatively low cost, but high priority project, I’m going to try to build it into the start of my day. I’ve been in the process of standardizing my morning ritual, and a 30 minute writing practice seems like an excellent cornerstone to a morning routine.

Value aligned execution. Deceptively simple concept. Define and execute actions that manifest your values in the world. Take a moment to reflect, what actions you are taking that are not aligned with your stated values. What actions can you begin taking that would be?