52 to 35: All in Execution

A year out, and I’ve already begun to bring focus to many of fundamentals.

With everything I want to do, it’s tempting to jump to something new every week. But this week, I find myself drawn to locking in gains I’ve realized so far.

This means focusing on deepening integration in all the places I’ve focused so far. I’m on the verge of a fundamental lifestyle that I believe can sustain me through this year and beyond. I have a few areas I want to develop more, however, for this week I will focus on taking what I’ve done and making it sustainable.

This means, finding those small moments to choose habit over excitement, to choose longevity over a spark.

It also means finding ways to measure and hold myself accountable. I’ve already started tracking my sleep and blood work, but these need to be systematized and improved.

So this week will be about process, documentation, and consolidation of the habits that have evolved out of my first month of conscious living.