To Immigrants, With Love

I’ve been lucky enough to spend my career around folks who are creative, kind, and unstoppably dedicated. People from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, India, and Pakistan. Hungary, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, and South Africa. Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, England, and Finland. Brazil, Peru, and Columbia. Oh and my beloved Ozzies, even though you mates won’t share your continent with anyone. :)

I’m proud of my American heritage, but more proud of my human heritage. It’s a privilege to share this planet with a remarkable race of funny beings that invent airplanes and sports games and humor and who never stop reaching for more.

My heart is broken for suffering done in my name, from closed borders to normalized racism. And I feel deep pain for the gulf that we allowed to grow in our own back yard.

But I can’t help laughing at the idea that these scared little punks can win. We invited the best minds in the world to teach in our schools. We invited the most gifted healers, the most creative artists, the most fearsome warriors. The most protective mothers, the coolest dads. And they came!

So, yea, piss off, pissheads. You woke the gentle giant which is the American immigrant community, aka “the real Americans.” And I’ve never been more proud to stand with a group and declare my undying love and inexhaustible support for your cause, your lives, and the future we are building together.