[Update] 56 to 35 — Going Dark

I’ve decided to take this project offline.

I’ve continued to have success with writing, and am on track to successfully complete 56 posts by my birthday. However, I’ve struggled to publish them, I now have a backlog of 10 or so posts to edit and post, and to be honest the new writing format (30 minute time-box, daily) doesn’t really lend itself to creating reliably publishable content. In particular, I’m not finding I’m creating out-of-context, Medium worthy content. I’ve noticed the stress of creating something minimally publishable has started to become a distraction, and I do want to preserve this space as a place I can publish with a higher level of polish than I can guarantee and still hit my milestones.

So, at this point, I’m (yet again!) redefining success for this project, which is really to capture the zeitgeist of my thoughts during what has proven to be a pivotal year in my life.

After, I’d like to publish the posts, and can maybe use that as an excuse to get more familiar with publishing tools / formats. I’m really curious to see how these read back to back in an e-book format, and I’ve never published an e-book, so that is sounding like a good definition of success for this project looking forward.

I already feel myself wanting to double down on this writing habit, my intention here is not to pull back, but to rein in the scope of this project to a place where it can reasonably succeed, and free up energy to pursue other work elsewhere.

To that end, I’ll publicly share here one of my 2018 intentions, which is to publish the first story in the science fiction universe I have been creating.