Hit the ground running

It’s Tuesday evening and I’m itching to move forward because I’ve been bursting with ideas for ages now. I know the key to longevity is patience but sometimes the slow game burns the soul like embers.

I’ve just been speaking to one of my old associates from the dating app I was working at before and he has seen an opportunity to bring a concept to investment readiness within weeks. He’s asked for my involvement as both a business planner and pitcher and I am tempted. Very tempted.

This is hardly a pivot; this feels like a divestment of my time and energy just as I’m starting to get some momentum, however, there could be engineering and software synergies as well as a dress rehearsal for when my time comes to pitch… I’m unsure but will at least humour the Skype conference call with his potential partners tomorrow evening.

Back in my own priorities, I have been collating the props for my first Veganized website photoshoot which will be tomorrow. It’s not going to be a big production and I will be the photographer but it will more than suffice to get the show on the road. The necessity of an initial web presence cannot be overstated and I have set aside Thursday afternoon to get that sorted so hopefully I’ll get the pictures I need shot and edited by Thursday morning before I go to the gym.

One of the most practical life enhancements that has been a by-product of my new diet is undoubtedly my settled stomach. I have never known such a sustained feeling of general wellbeing and my motions pass much easier. I accept that could be TMI.

Meal of the day: Tofurky chicken style pieces, caramelised onions, coriander, avocado on rye toast

Days since eating meat: 28

Days since being total dietary vegan: 21