Buying Car Parts on Amazon

I’m cheap as hell and one thing that really irritates me is spending unnecessary amounts on basic car parts like brake rotors. So being the cheap fuck that I am, I look for deals on quality parts for my cars.

Enter Amazon.

That’s right, Alexa herself can get you the gear you need (at least I think that’s how it works).

Long story short, my daily beater is a 2003 Civic Coupe (5 Speed Manual guys!), and parts for her aren’t too pricey. One thing that Amazon has over almost every other parts store in the nation is the fact that I can entertain my cash back advantage with certain credit cards I have while shopping at Amazon. Discover & Chase routinely have 5% back at Amazon, so if you’re spending quite the dollar, you’ll gain some credible amounts of cash back in the process.

Enough of the cash back — let’s get to the actual savings b/c I know you’re dying to save money you cheap skate you!

Take for example your local Auto Parts store. For simplicity sake, I’m using the national retailer AutoZone for this one.

Order of the shitnesssss

Now let’s compare it to some comparable products from Amazon…

Premium 💩

As you can see, there’s pretty substantial savings to shopping on Amazon for car parts. Pay close attention to the used section (blue arrows) and you might just unlock a Amazon Warehouse deals, where Amazon sells the same parts that were returned for one reason or another at substantially low prices!

These are a God-Send since they’re fulfilled by Amazon and still get shipped to you free if you’re a Prime member. You’ll also be able to return these for free if something is wrong.

Based on this, I could technically get new a pair of new front rotors for under $20! What a deal!

This just doesn’t work for brake rotors either, I’ve seen starters, brake pads, shocks/struts, hell even motor oil go for cheap prices!

Some downsides with shopping for car parts on Amazon involve returns, which technically would be free if something’s wrong with your order (hint, just say something’s wrong). Another reason would be if you need a part A$AP Rocky, then your local auto store would still be your best bet.

Happy hunting!