Ghosts and a Yoda Bong

Some stories stay while some just never go. An incident that made me believe that what looks from the outside isn’t quite the same on the inside.

I’d never done this before, but here I was. At a random girl’s place, who I met on tinder. Her room was a mess, but it was a spontaneous plan at 12:30 in the night. You cannot expect anyone to have their room clean, unless, it was a planned hookup. That’s where I went wrong, there are only two kind of people who call you over during mid-night. One, a serial killer or a desperate single girl looking to get laid off with boys on Tinder. I was hoping it was the latter; I hate to be wrong.

It started with a chain of messages I received at 12 in the night asking me to come over, I didn’t get suspicious because she was drunk every time she texted me. Let me put it this way, you meet a girl on Tinder, she asks you to come over. What do you make out of it?

“I can kill you, you do know that?”

She said those words as she pulled out a pair of scissors from her purse. I chuckled, thinking she was joking.

“I thought I’ll carry kitchen knives and pepper spray but then I realised that it’s already at home.”

IT’S ALREADY AT HOME. She knew I was going to come over. She knew for a fact she will be getting me home.

She pulled out a yoda bong, it looked cool but was pretty creepy. I like Yoda, he’s cool but this one seemed like a cheap rip off ordered from China. But then, analysing this wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I looked around, the wall right opposite to me was painted in black, that’s normal right? Until I noticed the corners that hadthe silhouette of her hand. That was not even close to creepy. I overanalyse when I am stoned, and this time I was stoned beyond existence. She kept talking, I don’t remember what but she did not stop talking. I felt like going back home, but the bed was too cozy and I was way to stoned to get a cab. She kept smiling and making hand gestures to something right in front of her, I asked her why. She told me she entertains herself and talks to moon and things.

That’s when it hit me. The creepy drawing on the black wall, the scary printouts stuck on her wall, the fact that she told me she has roommates but she didn’t. The part where she wanted to kill me, rather, strangle me with her iPhone cord. It all made sense, that when my paranoia hit the roof. With all my might I got up and I walked outside the room to the balcony. I tried calling whoever I could, half of them were asleep and the ONLY person who stayed in the same apartments was out at her friends and was quite drunk. Last resort, best friend. So I called him up, explained the situation as I ran outside the house.

The apartment was huge, I got lost for about 30 minutes hoping she wasn’t following me. As I walked through a dim lit footpath with the lights flickering constantly sky rocketed my anxiety. I already have Derealization but i didn’t feel that way at all. I am not too sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. I had to distract myself until my best friend came to my rescue. Meanwhile, I called my another friend, who recently moved out of town for work with her boyfriend. I explained her the whole situation, she broke down and asked me to get a cab as soon as possible. Which I did, but half way, my trust issues hit me soI got down, switched on my Google Maps and I went to the place where my best friend picked me up.

I passed out….

I woke up, I was freaked out beyond my life. These kind of stories are can only be heard in movies and novels. But I’m fine now, I feel stronger that I faced it. I did lose it for quite sometime, but then, I’m a human. As strong and chirpy I look from the outside, I have lost pieces of me in my journey so far. This, taught me a lesson.