Go, Edit Your Life

I have constantly noticed people complaining and weathering in their possibilites of doing something that always wanted to.

We are a generation that has grown more than anyone ever could. We were born to be creators, developers, inventors and discoveres. It’s in our genetics to evolve, produce and publish. We are a species who have always survived and evolved for centuries; Dawinian theory justifies that.

We have grown and been nurtured by techonolgy that has made us smart, ballsy and for all I can see, lazy. We were genertically programmed to feed, compehend and execute; born with craziness and creativity. But sometimes, situations and expriences bottle it up deep down making it dormant. Look at children, their curiosity always intruges me. Because that innocence is free, that curiocity is like a butterfly. But what happens between Kindergarden and Highschool? Why do we talk less, do less and ask less? Because ever process of growth isn’t always pure. Be the product, not the catalst in the process because a catalyst just makes the process faster, better and eventually burns out. Look around, we are a product of several catalyst — every experience that I’ve ever been a part of got me closer to my goals.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in the force of nature, law of attraction or the unknown entity sitting above us with our scripted destiny. If babies never took a step forward, humans would have never walked. Everything starts from a step and one initiative. All I ask from you is to think of what you want to do in the next 6 months and work towards it; day in and day out.

Every moment of regret makes us want to change, every moment of happiness makes us want to feel more, every moment of experience makes us want to do more; then why walk away?

“You only live once.”

We all have heard that so many times but never actually consumed the whole meaning of it. If not, today; when?

That girl who sat of the first bench you made fun of has probably had the worst family environment she grew up in. But she broke through, because, she know that clinging to the past will not make her future. Every step counts and every minute you are loosing out on making the most out of what you have.

Do it

I always wanted to build an app, but always blamed my time consuming job. Now, I have a note-taking app with featured articles floating around the internet. How did that happen? I was hungry to build something.

We are all hungry, deep down — be it for food, love or to even grow taller. We enter a kind of conciousness where our dormant nature makes us feel like we have been there and done that. Because the first bad experience has left us in such an awe that you simulate and model it in your library that you just dont want to do anything anymore, it just fuels the dead feeling left inside you. Being young and feeling so much leaves you dry but when you look around you realize there is much more to experience and remodel your mindset to understand that there is more than sitting and killing yourself. This is when you start killing yourself by smoking, drinking over-night and clinging on to something that makes you dead for what you have already experienced.

But for all you care, you can stay that way but why not enter a modality of conciousness where you don’t get supressed by your anxiety and fear. Because it can make you sweat, raise your heartbeat but it won’t kill you. When you tap into that conciousness — that notion where you experienced something for the first time. That first kiss, that first plung into the pool, the warm feeling with that one friend who stuck on to you when no did — Bring in those memories, reconfigure your mind to expect and feel that same thing. This doesn’t just apply to a new idea or business. Bring in those dusty brushes and just paint and bring that anger, sadness and fear out. Tap into the memories that made you feel alive. It’s all about training your mind so that you can control it. Remeber that feeling with your mouth wide open? That was the first experience but eventually familiarity feeds boredom. So don’t jetlag your life. Tap into what made you alive, and bring it back to reality.

That’s why museums bring in an ordinary item back to the wall, decontextualise it and bring our attention back to it. We enter the architectural space that mades us question, think and wonder.

Go. Think. Re-Edit.

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