A certain rush of sadness always sweeps into me everytime I finish a project. I love the process of getting somewhere, reaching a solution and finding the problem; but parallely I hate that it’s happening to me. I am lover of process.

It’s like love; there is a certain sence of sadness when you love someone or something because you want to stretch that feeling, stay in that moment and rejoice it forever. Probably that is why we refuse to let that someone go — we hug them harder, we kiss them tigher and we hold on to them more than our own selves. We do that because subconsciously we know the moment will not last forever.

That certain sense of curiocity to find out why we have a problem and how design can solve it get my motors working. The process get me high, it makes me feel one with the problem that helps me see those patterns and signs that you don’t usually notice. Imagining how the project will look just while reading a design brief is similar to how you feel while watching a movie; it takes you to another dimension because certain people have the ability to take us to the world and make us feel what our mind isn’t actually wired to.

So when you except a client to send a design brief and all you get are a few lines of “what they expect”, it’s a bad script that’s bound to fail. But it won’t, because you have the ability to read through those words and bring something into this world that probably was never thought of, probably it just sounded so impossible that you take it up as a task and send that client into a dimension of reality that is beyond his cognitive abilites.

End of the day we are human beings with limited time, so I’ll hold on to the ecstacy of process with certain meloncholy until it’s all over.

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