Hold it

Hold it till it hurts and beyond
grip it with your hands whether you’re
wearing gloves or not
It’s the only way you’ll know
if you can.

Look at
our collective impending devastation
if thinking you know
will destroy you
’cause life is always bigger
than the eye can see
than words can tell
but the mind is a vessel
made to hold it
without the limits of time
and space
so hold it.

Feel it
expand like a
great exhalation
universe of destruction
feel the neurons
stretch like rusty harpstrings
but they will not break.

we hold each day
the breath of the universe
unknowable mystery
packed into every molecule
vibrating ten thousand songs
every second of every minute.

It’s all there
written like genetic code
behind your eyes already, so
grab onto that destruction
the potential devastation
It’s no reason to give up
’cause the universe doesn’t
and you’re part of that universe
and we need you.

So hold the destruction
hold onto it as it
fractures and splits a thousand times
and look down

and see that you are living.

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