The Alt-Right Is A Doomsday Cult
Gillian Branstetter

At heart, there is an erroneous conflation between the ‘alt-Right’ of the out-right white-supremacist, and the ‘alt-Right’ of all center to right voters who are anti-Establishment, anti-GOP. These are two different groups, effectively, if diagrammed, since the white-supremacist faction is extremely small and did not swing the election to Trump.

Milo Yiannapoulis did try to make the case that the Alt-Right was this broad swath of GOP-mistrusting right-of-center voters, many of who didn’t even vote in the last two Presidential elections. But in the end, he’s stated that he is not Alt-Right himself, which has to be taken as a concession that the anti-Establishment right is not synonymous with the Alt-Right as currently defined for us by the media.

But with this horribly erroneous conflation, you and many in the media are smearing whichever Trump supporter you chose to focus your foaming wrath upon by referring to them or associating them with the white-supremacist Alt-Right. Yet Bannon is NOT antisemitic. The denial of Bannon being Alt-Right is clear.

It’s this fluid definition of the alt-Right as being everyone that is anti-Establishment or anti-globalist versus it being a pure white-supremacist affiliation that is being used by the media to smear him and others.

As far as apocalypse, what do you think the Great Depression was. What do you think the bigger sovereign-debt crises will be? With the abdication of the foundational principles of Western Civilization by the Left, what do you think the end result of that will be? Apocalyptic? The trends observed by historians is that a civilization does go through a phase where corruption of its ideals leads to a collapse. Was that ‘apocalyptic’ for the Mayans? What about New Orleans? Was that apocalyptic when decades of corruption led to misappropriation of funds meant to build up the dikes around the city which then failed, predictably, when Katrina hit? The corruption that has built up in the ‘swamp’ of DC is going to lead to catastrophe, but sure, go ahead and bury your head in the sand. Tell yourself we can just have zero-interest-rate policy forever without repercussions. Or that the business as usual, government-Wall street collusion which Hillary represented can continue without a Great Depression reckoning.