Hmm, well, quite an ambiguous statement?
Bill Sortino

There’s nothing ambiguous about it. Your whole post is full of lies, but here you call for the media to lie:

Can we ever report enough of the racist, anti-Semitic, anti gay or anti abortion threats or occurrences in our country?

Given the article you to which you are replying, you are calling for the media to continue to report what amounts to fake news. It is absolutely fake when they not only imply but outright state that all these threats are ‘obviously’ right-wing hate when it is already a well-established fact that much, if not the vast majority, of this hate-activity is coming from the Left or the presumed victims of the hate. This is why the media continues to fail against Trump, something that Tracey has repeatedly called out in many, many articles. WaPo’s Russian narrative is turning out to be nothing more than the marketing copy from a cyber-security firm. All this does nothing, as Tracey points out, except help Trump and further tarnish the media, making it harder for them to successfully bring up valid points, now.

It’s not that things should not be reported. But right now, NOTHING is being reported that isn’t part of a crafted narrative. If something doesn’t fit the narrative of an editor, it doesn’t get reported, vis a vis the revelations that Susan Rice requested the ‘unmasking’ of individuals caught in ‘incidental’ intelligence gathering, which with the NSA’s current capabilities, may be everything said over a phone or communication device. That story was written and held until it was leaked to Mike Cernovich. The same thing has been happening for decades. Many of us recall the Drudge Reports first big release of a held-back, against-the-narrative story, the Juanita Broaddrick rape story. Seems that the media is perfectly fine with holding things back for one reason or another, and that they are perfectly fine with using convenient false attacks to sell a false narrative.

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